Specialist fast-drying floor screeds are more in demand now than ever, due to the critical timelines and conditions on site. Standard floor screed dries at a rate of 1mm per day, up to 40mm and 0.5mm per day, thereafter. This would normally mean that a 75mm standard screed application would take 110 days at 20C, to receive sensitive final floor finishes and this is something that is quite often overlooked.


Quick drying screeding in Northern Ireland

We were especially pleased to work with MAPEI on the installation of screeds to the New South West Acute Hospital in 2010.

We're recommended installers of all MAPEI quick drying screeds and resins.

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Ready for floor installation of any kind within 24 hours


Ready for ceramic tiles in 3 - 4 hours


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MAPEI Topcem

Ready for floor installation within 4 days


Ready for ceramic tiles within 24 hours


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Mapescreed 704

Ready for floor installation within 14 days


Ready for ceramic tiles within 7 days


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